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Asian Arts Company SPRL
Rue de Plancenoit 12
1401 Baulers (Nivelles), Belgium
Mobile: + 39 335 5933732

Exhibition address: Galerie Champaka, 27 rue Ernest Allard


Carlo Cristi has been actively collecting and dealing in the field of asian art since early 80's. His interests in himalayan art date from early 70's when traveled and resided in India, Nepal, Philippines and Indonesia. Sculptures in bronze, wood, terracotta, paintings ( tangkas ) and illuminated manuscripts are among his main interests along with early textiles from Central Asia and China. Several private collectors and museums are among his clientele. Since 1998 has partecipating regularly to International Asian Art Fairs in New York and is a regular fixture of Asia Week New York. Partecipating to Asian Art in London from 2011, and to Brussels Oriental Art Fair from it's beginning in 2005.

Carlo Cristi is part of the organizing committee of Asian Art in Brussel, the new event which has replaced BOA Fair.

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