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Rue des Minimes 55
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Mobile: + 32 476 87 85 69

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Kitsune gallery is devoted to Japanese art reflecting the inner soul of Japan. The items selected are primarily of native taste; aiming to embody Japanese culture and its rich tradition through different art forms and exploring the beauty in daily life characterized by a certain simplicity, which is unpretentious and original. The main selection of items encompasses folk art, scholar art, samurai art and tea ceremony art.

The gallery will have on display two amazing works of art in lacquer by Wakamiya Takashi’s makie studio, meticulously reproducing ceramic tea ceremony items. Like Shibata Zeshin (1807-1891) or Ogawa Haritsu (1663-1747), Wakamiya is known for using techniques that simulate different materials, sometimes referred to as kawari-nuri. Here we see a lacquer version using kanshitsu and kannyu-nuri to simulate a Raku chawan (tea bowl), by HonamiKoetsu (1558-1637) and an imitation of a tamurabunrinchaire (tea caddy) in mokuchomaki-e. The results are stunning and deceiving for the eye, reaching new heights in lacquer art… never seen before.

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