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Bangkok – Hong Kong
By appointment
Mobile (worldwide): + 66-89-224 9678
Mobile during AAB: + 49 172 660 45 22

Exhibition address: The Architects' House, 21 Rue Ernest Allard

Thematic exhibition: SIXTEEN TIGERS – Rare Ancient Rugs from Tibet


For over a quarter of a century Hong Kong- and Bangkok-based Michael Woerner has been specialized in high-quality works of art from South, Southeast and East Asia. His profound knowledge and hands-on experience, in particular of the early cultures of Southeast Asia, has helped to build major collections worldwide, both public and private.

Michael Woerner is a regular and long-time participant of major art fairs in Europe and the U.S. His well-researched catalogues received critical acclaim from scholars, collectors and colleagues alike. An extensive network, in particular in the U.S., in Europe and in Japan supports his vision to continuously offer rare and unusual works of art. Due diligence is taken seriously: all objects are well-documented and furnished with a certificate of the ART LOSS REGISTER, London.

This year's special exhibition SIXTEEN TIGERS – Rare Ancient Rugs from Tibet will showcase an extraordinary group of early Tiger Rugs and other rare rugs from Tibet. It is the first time since 30 years that such a large group of Tiger Rugs will be exhibited for sale. It promises to be an aesthetic highlight of ASIAN ART IN BRUSSELS.

A second part of the exhibition will feature some Recent Acquisitions in the field of Asian Art, primarily sculptures and works of art, ranging from Central Asia to Southeast Asia and Japan.

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